Packaged Roof Top Units, Energy Recovery Units, Air Cooled and Evap Cooled Chillers and Rooftop Units, Boilers/Chillers/Pump Penthouse Packages, Condensing Units, Air Handlers, Self Contained Units, Direct Fired Gas Units, Duct Coils, Water Source Heat Pumps(including 100% OA), DOAS Systems, and Make Up Air Systems
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Aermec offers the most innovative air to water chillers and heat pumps, water to water chillers and heat pumps – including 6 pipe systems, free cooling chillers, modular free cooling chillers, dry coolers, condensers and the worlds quietest fan coils. Learn more about Aermec
AGronomicIQ LogoHVAC Standard for Commercial Growers by Taking Advantage of an all-in-one Grow Room HVAC System to Deliver the Most Precise Temperature and Humidity Control in the Industry, with Exceptional Energy Efficiency
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Fan Coil Units, Cabinet Heaters, Unit Heaters, Convectors, Air Handling Units
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Heat Recovery Ventilators and Energy Recovery Ventilators Utilizing Fixed Plates and Energy Recovery Wheels
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Specializes in Semi-custom and Custom Air Handling Equipment and Systems Incorporating Cutting Edge Air-to-air Energy Recovery Technologies
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Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Impeller Energy/Flow Meters
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Custom-Designed Air Handling Systems For Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Building Markets
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Hot Water, Steam, DX and Booster Coils
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Displacement Induction Ventilation. Floor-mounted Displacement Induction Ventilation for classroom environments; delivering improved IAQ, better acoustics and thermal comfort, and decreased maintenance. Independently tested and verified to deliver high IAQ, stratified room condition year ‘round.
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Infrared Radiant Heaters
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Hot Water, Steam, DX, Booster Coils and Dry Coolers
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Ebtron LogoElectronic Airflow and Temperature Measurement Stations for Fan Inlets, Ducted Systems and Outside Air Inlets, IAQ Sensors for Direct Measurement of Outside Air, ELF Terminal Unit AFMS
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Indoor and Outdoor Fan Cube, Design ERV’s, Highly Customizable
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Geoclima LogoDesigning and developing special chillers for applications in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, with particular attention to quality and environmental sustainability since 1994.
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Adiabatic technology and evaporative media to deliver efficient cooling towers that require no chemical treatment and reduced water usage of up to 80% annually
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HaltonKitchen Exhaust Hoods Utilizing Variable Volume “Marvel” Controls, Displacement Ventilation Systems
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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems and Ductless Split Systems
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KineticsVibration Isolation, Architectural and Mechanical Noise Control
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Chilled Beams, Induction Units and Air Distribution Products
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Classroom Unit Ventilators, Air/Water Cooled Self Contained Unit Ventilators with Heat Pump Option, Critical Environment
Air Handling Units, Blower Coil Units (Indoor and Outdoor), Fan Coil Units, Vertical Air Handling
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Neptronic LogoHumidifiers, Electric Duct Coils, Hvac Controls, Actuators and Actuated Valves
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Low Temperature High Efficiency Dehumidifiers, Ice Rink Dehumidifiers, Replacement Energy Recovery Wheels
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Electric Heaters, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Heaters, Wall Heaters, Fin Tube and Infrared
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Pool Dehumidification Units Utilizing Websentry Technology
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Fin Tube Radiation, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Unit Heaters,Convectors, Radiant Ceiling Panels and Panel Radiation
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Direct and Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Units, Energy Recovery Units
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TemspecVertical, Horizontal Unit Ventilators
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Pre-Insulated Piping Systems, Containment Piping, Leak Detection, Heat Tracing and Cathodic Protection
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